Apa Itu OEM ?

OEM merupakan sebuah jenis usaha dimana kami menyediakan kebutuhan client dalam perihal formulasi, produksi dan perizinan produk.

Keuntungan Memilih OEM ?

Memudahkan client agar dapat menciptakan Brand / Produk sendiri

Client tidak perlu pusing & ribet dalam perihal formulasi, Produksi maupun perijinan Brand

Praktis dan Prospektif

Kami menerapkan sistem NDA, dimana sebuah formulasi client bersifat rahasia dan tidak akan digunakan ke Client yang lain.


1. Consult your Ideas

Share your ideas and Product Concept to us. AIMFOOD are here to listen and create your dream Products. Our friendly Research and Development team would love to have a discussion and give solutions to your inquiries.

2. Create “Your Sample”

After deciding what products to choose, AIM will provide FREE samples of Your Formulated Products with no charges given.

We have commitment to give the best in both services and Products for “You”.

3. Documents

At the first phase, we will need to have a copy of Client’s Identity Card (KTP and NPWP PRIBADI), Company’s identity (NPWP Perusahaan), and SIUP.
Our Team will help to process each of the documents, for Registration and Legal purposes.

4. Contracts

After Samples are approved by Client, you are going to sign MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) which includes Quantity of Products that you ordered, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and Period of Contracts.

5. Licensing and Brand Rights

AIMFOOD will process Your Brand from BPOM (FDA in Indonesia), Halal Certificate, to Brand Ownership Rights.
Our team will process everything for You in regards of Brand registrations, Halal Certifications and Product’s Legality for you to distribute into the Market.

6. Productions and Quality Control

Throughout 12 years of Experience, AIMFOOD guarantee for its Product Safety, Quality and Halal Certified in every manufacturing process. On the other hand, AIMFOOD has GMP Certificate (Good Manufacturing Practices), ISO 9001, ISO 22000 (Related to Food Safety). For each Manufacturing Process, Our Production team conducts quality control to ensure High Quality Products are in the line.
We always strive for innovations and improvements to give the best for our clients and up-to-date to the newest trends.

7. Delivery Goods

We will deliver the product according to the time and place agreed by Client.
After a tight and Strict Quality control, AIMFOOD are ready to send the product to your warehouse.


PT. AIMFOOD Manufacturing Indonesia is an OEM / private label company manufacturing functional food & beverage products, traditional medicines and food supplements which has been operating since August 2008.

We provide an ALL IN ONE SERVICES starting from design, formulation, BPOM registration to production. The products we produce are food & beverages (in powder form), traditional medicines and supplements (in powder and capsule form) and Medical Devices (Swab Antigen, SARS-Cov-2 Antigen Saliva Kit, Rapid Test Kit, Swab PCR)

Create your Product Now, Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mulai sekarang anda bisa punya brand sendiri tanpa perlu pusing memikirkan semuanya.


Beauty Drink

Collagen, SOP, L-Glutathione, Anti-Oxidant

Sports Drink

BCAA, Whey Protein, Pre & Post Work out, Energy Booster, and Testo Booster

Weight Management

Fibre, Fat Burner, Carbo Blocker

Traditional Herbs

Immune System, Eye Health, Diabetes, Cholesterol, and Heart Health


Immune System, Eye Health, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Heart Health, Vitamin and Minerals

Medical Devices

Swab Antigen, SARS-Cov-2 Antigen Saliva Kit, Rapid Test Kit, Swab PCR

Our Clients

Some of our clients that has worked with us